All Señorita Scrunchies are handmade in Brisbane, Australia. We select the fabrics that look and feel just right, and turn them into beautiful statement scrunchies. Our aim is to produce unique, high quality, handmade scrunchies that will be making ponytails look good for many years to come.

The Señorita Behind The Brand! 

My name is Amanda and between being a full time Mum to two gorgeous girls, I am the proud owner of Señorita Scrunchie. Before I became a Mama bear and Señorita, I was an actor, producer, acting coach, and along with my BFF and business partner, we owned a bunch of acting schools for kids.  Once my first  chica was born, we made the very difficult decision to sell our acting schools so we could concentrate on growing our little families.  Fast forward almost six years (all whilst knowing I would eventually find myself back in the driver’s seat of a small business), I stumbled upon Señorita Scrunchie.  Founded by Tamara Johansen, AKA “a gal and her Nan,” Señorita Scrunchiewas kicking some serious scrunchie goals, and along with my background as a creative, I just knew that I would love designing, creating and curating beautiful hair accessory collections that had meaning and story behind them.

"We want every señorita to know that each handmade piece will be carefully considered, designed and produced to give your locks a little luxe, so you feel beautiful and special."  Amanda   

Our Values

At Señorita Scrunchie we are very conscious of our environmental impact so we take the following measures to be as sustainable as possible:

  • All Señorita Scrunchie orders are packaged in envelopes made from recycled paper or recyclable/reusable/compostable packaging.  At the moment we are using the "Heaps Good" satchels which are (believe it or not) made from plants, home compostable and Australian owned!
  • We choose high quality fabrics, cottons and elastic for our scrunchies to ensure they are made to last
  • We minimise waste by using every possible scrap of fabric 

By supporting Señorita Scrunchie, you are purchasing a high quality handmade scrunchie while supporting a super small Australian business, and we are very grateful!